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Have you ever tried to search for a topic in a group you are a member of on Facebook? 

As a notary public and signing agent, I am member of various of notary groups on Facebook, both local and national. One thing that strikes me frequently when reading the posts is the duplication of questions or requests. In general, it is easier to post a new version of a question than to find the answer. Experienced notaries understandably stop responding to the same questions over and over. This can give the impression of a lack of community in the group. U.S. Notary Association has created a new forum group to address this issue!

A quick analysis of the last month or so of questions in various groups on Facebook resulted in the following top ten list of questions and topics:

10. Notary professionalism and ethics

9. Specific document notarization questions

8. Signing Agent course recommendations

7. Mentoring requests

6. New business and potential income streams

5. RON process questions

4. RON platform recommendations

3. Signing company and notary listing site recommendations

2. Signing Agent assignment process questions

1. Notary equipment and software questions

Click the links to review the forum or the individual topics to see if one of your questions has already been answered. If you are a member, you can provide responses to the questions or add new questions of your own. If the thread is empty, we invite you to start a conversation! We have a free membership option, so if you are not a member and would like to be a contributor to this valuable notary community, join now!

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