Digital Notarization

Remote Electronic Notarization (RON) is Here

If you are a notary, or interested in legal, mortgage or alternative income topics, there is a great deal of information right now about RON.  This technology has been formally approved and implemented in 14 states, which were listed in our last social media post. With the shelter-in-place orders in many states, and no clear idea of when they will end, other states have issued temporary authorization to utilize RON. These states include AL, CO, CT, IL, IA, MD, NH, NY PA, VT WA and WI according to the National Notary Association Notary Bulletin (updated 4/3/20).

Although the process of obtaining RON Certification in both the previously approved states and the states that have issued temporary authorization may be confusing depending on the specific state, it makes sense to move forward with this wave of the future. U.S. Notary Association is in the process of a deep dive into the realities of becoming RON certified in the state of Florida. Until we are able to finalize our findings, there are numerous notary groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where insight and experience is being shared. If you are a notary who has completed this process in any state, we encourage you to share your experience in our RON forum. Let's help each other! “What you do today will determine your future”. ~Catherine Pulsifer

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