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Secure Credential Sharing Now Available!

U.S. Notary Association is excited to release credential sharing! As part of our Notary Vault release, we are now providing the ability to share your credentials with clients you approve, directly from an email request or from your profile. The viewing of credentials is secured by an email confirmation of the request, approval by the U.S. Notary Association member, and a unique code entered by the client once credential sharing has been approved by the member. The requests and the credential view are time-sensitive and expire automatically within a set number of hours. The member has complete control of the transaction. 

This functionality provides a level of confidence when utilized by general notary work clients as well as professionals searching for loan signing agents. In some cases, the existence and availability of some of the credential documentation is required to perform a loan signing. As you work to market your notary services by sharing your notary profile with potential clients, the ability to share credentials is a significant and singular differentiator.

We are still offering free membership, and free members will automatically be upgraded to our pro membership level for the remainder of their year registration term at no cost (once our membership levels have been released). Share this information with your personal notary community and encourage them to join today. Stay safe!

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For this service, are we to notify you of our personal notary client lists, and if so, who (else) will be able to view our credentials and how is this PII it encrypted?
Monday, June 29, 2020 ·
Your personal list gets created as credentials are requested. The credentials that you approve to be viewed are secured. The only people who can review your credentials are ones that request it, and that you approve. (As well as our compliance team.)
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 ·

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